‘Hata Mbinguni Huwezi Fika’ Oscar Sudi’s Hard Hitting Message to President Uhuru and Tuju

Kapseret MP Oscar Kipchumba Sudi has taken President Uhuru Kenyatta head on in his most latest articulation. The MP who is a friend of deputy president William Ruto while answering Tuju’s comments faulted both the president and Tuju.

The MP started by expressing that whether Ruto was paid nor not paid to help Uhuru isn’t Tuju’s concern as the two had their own arrangements. Nonetheless, he faulted Uhuru for how he has treated his deputy and Kenyans at large.

He marked President Uhuru as a person who is not happy when other Kenyans grow in terms of their financial freedom. Sudi claimed that Uhuru and his family need to stay as the sole wealthy family to control Kenyans.

With this, the MP said that such conduct will hinder him from entering heaven. He also asked both Uhuru and Ruto to come out and face each other and reveal to the public what each one of them has taken from the public.