REASONS WHY;Sick Kikuyu Gospel Musician Hezeh Ndugu Says“I Will Never Sing In Clubs Again Hata Mkiniita”

Hezeh Ndungu, a renowned Kenyan Kikuyu gospel artist celebrated for his chart-topping track, ‘Ngoro Yakwa,’ has graced the music scene for over two decades. Rooted in the ‘mukurino’ faith, he inherited this belief from his mother, who was a devout follower. Several months ago, Hezeh found himself thrust into the spotlight when he voiced an unconventional stance – advocating for Kikuyu gospel musicians to perform in clubs, asserting that there was no inherent harm in doing so.

Recently, Hezeh Ndungu emerged from a period of convalescence, granting an interview that piqued the curiosity of Kenyans far and wide. During the discussion, he candidly delved into his life and music career, shedding light on the toll his recent illness had taken. One topic that arose was his involvement in nightclub performances and whether he continued to partake in such gigs. In response, Hezeh unequivocally denied his current involvement.

He acknowledged that it would be disingenuous to claim he had never performed in clubs, as public knowledge had attested to such past appearances. However, he revealed that he had ceased this practice due to personal reasons he preferred not to divulge publicly. He affirmed his commitment to abstaining from club performances, regardless of the circumstances he might face. He disclosed that he occasionally received tempting offers and propositions that tested his resolve, but he had firmly resolved to stay on his chosen path.

Furthermore, Hezeh Ndungu expressed his belief that churches should adopt a new approach to compensating gospel artists for their services during church events. He argued that churches were not financially lacking and should consider remunerating artists for their contributions to ceremonies, signaling a departure from the traditional voluntary model.