“I tried dating, but it got to a point I felt like afadhali nirudi kwa bwanangu,” Joyce Gituro on challenges of dating as a single mom

Prominent media personality Joyce Gituro recently opened up about her experiences in the dating world after her separation from her husband. During a conversation with Lynn Ngugi on January 29, Joyce shared the challenges and surprises she faced as a single mother navigating the complexities of dating.

Joyce candidly expressed the difficulties she encountered while attempting to date as a single mother, even contemplating returning to her former husband at one point due to the unique challenges associated with dating as a single mother.

“At some point, I tried dating during that time. I reached a moment where I thought, ‘It’s better to go back to my ex-husband.’ There is a certain dynamic to dating as a single mother, and people treat you differently,” she revealed.

Joyce highlighted the distinct treatment that single mothers receive in the dating world, expressing her admiration for men who wholeheartedly embrace single mothers and genuinely love and respect their children without any hidden motives.

“I have immense respect for men who choose to marry single mothers, showing love, respect, and genuine care for their kids without any focus on financial gains,” she remarked.

Reflecting on her personal experiences, Joyce recounted a two-year relationship she entered as a single mother. Initially promising, the relationship with a mature individual eventually revealed its shortcomings, with a lack of concern for her children’s well-being becoming apparent.

“I was surprised by the challenges of dating as a single mother. In a two-year relationship, I realized that the person I was involved with prioritized me over my children. He didn’t care about their well-being or make time for them. It made me appreciate men who would treat my kids as their own,” she explained.

Joyce also admitted to falling into the trap of a rebound relationship, emphasizing the pitfalls of entering a relationship without a clear understanding of feelings and intentions. Despite lacking a strong foundation or shared goals, she found herself deeply invested in the relationship, leading to profound disappointment upon its end.

Acknowledging the lessons learned from her experiences, Joyce underwent a period of introspection and personal growth. She emerged from the breakup with increased confidence and self-assurance, recognizing her own worth and setting clear expectations for future relationships.

Discussing her non-negotiables in a partner, Joyce outlined criteria such as shared values, financial stability, and mutual respect. She emphasized the importance of a partner being God-fearing and having financial stability, asserting her stance against financially supporting a partner while highlighting the need for companionship based on equality and respect.

Joyce Gituro, a mother of three children—two sons and a daughter—now stands firm in her beliefs and lessons learned from her journey through love’s challenging realities.