“Atanimaliza Na Hii Kitu Yake Ya Punda” , Woman Divorce’s Husband Over Big “MJULUS”

In Nyeri County’s Mjengo area, a woman recently sought a divorce from her newlywed husband, citing an unusual reason according to local sources.

The housewife and mother of three requested the dissolution of her marriage, expressing discomfort with her husband’s exceptionally large genitalia, commonly referred to as “mjulus.” Surprisingly, the divorce was swiftly granted within a week in accordance with Kenyan law, recognizing their brief legal union.

The woman explained that she entered into this marriage following the breakdown of her previous marital relationship. Following local traditions, the bride initially moved into her husband’s parents’ house before settling into their shared home. However, it was only after the couple’s first intimate encounter that the woman claimed to experience significant distress.

She lamented in court, stating, “It’s strange; I can no longer find pleasure with him. His mjulus is unbearable, too large for me. I cannot continue with this.” The court granted their divorce, providing relief to the husband.

After their initial intimate encounter, the woman confided in her mother, who advised her to endure the situation, assuring her that with time, she would adapt. The mother even provided medication to help cope with the discomfort.

Despite attempting intimacy again, the woman asserted that it was “too much, too painful.” Consequently, the couple mutually agreed to end their marriage, as no medication seemed to salvage their relationship.

Remarkably, the husband did not contest the accusation. Instead, he expressed willingness to dissolve the union if his dowry and the expenses incurred during their courtship were reimbursed promptly.