Pritty Vishy, “I’m Turning 29years this Year, I’m very Sorry Guys for Lying to you that niko 22 years.”

Kenyan social media influencer Pritty Vishy has responded with sarcasm to those questioning her age.

During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, a fan asked, “What is your real age? How old are you turning this year, and don’t lie?”

In response, Pritty Vishy revealed that she was turning 29. “Okay, you caught me. I’m tired of lying. I’m turning 29 this year. I’m sorry for telling you all that I’m 22,” she said.

Last year, the YouTuber announced on her social media that she couldn’t wait to turn 22 in October, which led to skepticism from her followers. When faced with doubting comments, she responded in another video, “Someone tell me I don’t look 22. Are you the ones who gave birth to me? 🤣🤣”

Pritty Vishy has frequently faced cyberbullying, particularly about her body size, with some followers suggesting she should go to the gym.

In a previous Instagram post, Pritty shared that her mother was a teen mom. She expressed feeling overwhelmed when considering the challenges her mother faced, having given birth at just 14 years old. Pritty added that by the time her mother was her current age, she already had three children.