“Zimelala fofofo” – Lupita Nyong’o scares Kenyans with latest breastplate outfit (PHOTOS)

Lupita Nyong’o, the acclaimed actress who won an Oscar, has captivated the public and caused a stir on the internet with her remarkable presence at the Tony Awards.

Her choice of attire was eye-catching, as she pushed boundaries by wearing a silver breastplate top that created the illusion of being topless under a sleek black velvet blazer.

But there was more to this bold suit than just a fashion statement. Lupita took to Instagram to shed light on the deeper significance behind her outfit.

She revealed that the silver top was custom-made and sculpted to fit her own body. The experience of wearing it left her feeling honored, humbled, empowered, and invigorated.

The creative mind behind this unique creation is Misha Japanwala, an artist and fashion designer from Pakistan.

Lupita praised Japanwala’s artistic concept, which centers around rejecting and deconstructing the societal pressures and shame associated with one’s physical appearance.

“On this occasion, I feel honored, humbled, empowered, and invigorated to wear this breastplate created by Misha Japanwala, meticulously molded to my own body. Misha Japanwala is a Pakistani artist and fashion designer who challenges and deconstructs the external shame that society imposes on our bodies,” Lupita expressed in her Instagram post.

However, some Kenyans were unsettled by Lupita’s attire, with a few suggesting she was involved in a cult, drawing parallels with other Hollywood stars.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans on social media:

Jacklyn Aluoch: Celebrities confuse me. Why wear something so dreadful when you have all that money?

NA Ncy: I think she is trying to raise cancer awareness, starting from the head. Remember her father is battling the disease too.

Dennis Richuni: What is this? Is this what fashion has come to? It’s a big shame, Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s daughter.

Evans Safari: That’s what happens when you enter Hollywood. There’s no turning back.

Peter Tirop: This will lead her to hell if she’s not careful. Hollywood rituals are real.

Musa Orina: Whatever message Lupita Nyong’o is conveying this time, she’s dead serious about it. It’s both scary and theatrical…

Isaiah Nyamwaya: What profit is there in losing your soul and gaining the whole world?

Hosea Wero Yaman: That’s how success in life changes people. It’s acceptable when you have money, but if you’re broke, you’re considered crazy. I wonder what her parents think when they see it.

Winnieche Jelagat: I hope the honorable governor has other children in Kenya because these two seem to be fully immersed in the Western culture.

Bella Lyambila: What is she wearing on her chest? I can’t figure it out. It’s just bizarre.

Noah Janaby: This woman now seems to enjoy being exploited by the business world. It’s capitalism! Lupita has transformed from her naturally beautiful self to someone artificial.

Wycliffe Macharia: What can Anyang’ Nyong’o be proud of when it comes to his daughter? The Kisumu Governor has a daughter like this and a gay son.

Note: The provided reactions from Kenyans have been reproduced verbatim and may contain grammatical errors or informal language.