Playboy! Omar Lali Reveals How Many Women He Has Slept With

Anerlisa Muigai got to speak publicly for the first time about the mysterious death of her sister Tecra. In the premiere episode of John Allan Namu’s crime series The Last Door, the Keroche heiress says that she believes that the death was not accidental and called Omar Lali – Tecra’s boyfriend at the time of her death – a “monster”.

But in the same episode, Omar Lali got to tell his side of the story too. Omar, a bearded ladies’ man is known for charming his way to many rich women’s hearts- including the late billionaire Tecra Muigai. He has been spotted with many beautiful women over the years.

And that’s exactly what Allan Namu wanted to know from him, just how many women he has bedded. “How many women have you slept with?”, asks Namu. Lali let’s out a sigh as his mind wanders back. He then lets out a chuckle before dishing, “I lost the count,” then adding, “I was a playboy.”

In an eerie admission during the episode, Omar says that he doesn’t like to be controlled. This harkens back to stories that came out from a KDF officer who worked for Tecra that confirmed that Omar would stay in isolation crying for hours after Tecra kicked him out of her Naivasha residence.