Mungai Eve, boyfriend Trevor to fans on when they will get pregnant -

Mungai Eve, boyfriend Trevor to fans on when they will get pregnant

Famous YouTube personality Mungai Eve and her partner, Director Trevor, have responded to a persistent section of their online fanbase who continually urge them to have children and start a family. The couple addressed the issue by asking their followers to refrain from constantly pressuring them about when they will have children.

Mungai explained that every couple has their own understanding and can have children whenever they wish. She also noted that being a woman does not mean that your sole purpose in life is to have children. Mungai emphasized that if an individual goes ahead to have kids they did not plan for, it can be a horrific experience, and getting pregnant when one is not ready can be their worst nightmare.

Bringing children into the world is not as easy as many think, and netizens should stop pushing people into what they are not ready for. Trevor believes that being a parent is a matter of choice that a couple should carefully consider. He added that it should happen when someone is ready for it, and it is something one has complete control over.

Mungai dismissed claims that they were pregnant with their first child in May, adding that getting pregnant requires financial and psychological preparedness. She stated that she still wants to concentrate on her career, and her boyfriend is more opposed to getting pregnant than she is. The couple’s main focus is on their careers, and they urge their followers to live their lives the way they want without being pressured by others.