Jackie Matubia Addresses Absence from Best Friend Milly Chebby’s Wedding: “They Said I Have a Bad Heart”

Actress Jackie Matubia, formerly renowned for her close friendship with Milly Chebby, has recently opened up about her conspicuous absence from Milly’s traditional wedding, shedding light on the reasons behind her non-attendance.

Their once-strong and highly visible bond appeared to gradually wane, attracting attention from their devoted fan base.

The transformation in their friendship dynamics became evident in July, as they ceased spending time together, sharing their achievements, or acknowledging each other’s special occasions.

Speculation among fans about the growing distance between the two popular personalities gained momentum, especially when they stopped making joint public appearances and interactions.

One noteworthy incident that captured the fans’ attention was the absence of any public acknowledgment from Milly Chebby to celebrate Jackie Matubia’s firstborn daughter, further fueling suspicions of their strained friendship.

This skepticism deepened when both families appeared to drift apart following Matubia’s younger daughter’s birthday celebration in Mombasa.

Subsequent to the Mombasa event, Jackie Matubia was frequently seen spending more time with fellow actresses, Izareeh and Kate Actress, reinforcing the shift in her social circle.

On October 21, the glamorous traditional wedding of Terence Creative and Milly Chebby took place in Eldoret.

Surprisingly, Jackie Matubia was conspicuously absent from the festive celebration, leading to inquiries from fans on social media.

In response to the numerous questions flooding her social media, Matubia shared her perspective.

One fan, Malingo_ya_nini, inquired, “Unajitetea ukiwa kipande gani?” (When are you defending yourself?)

When asked about her non-attendance and whether she was offering a defense, she responded, “Why should I defend myself when they have already accused me of having a bad heart, and besides, I don’t have a husband?”

Another fan questioned her absence at her best friend’s ruracio (traditional wedding ceremony), to which Matubia replied, “Si unaniona hapa, mbona unauliza swali iko already na jibu?” (“Can’t you see me here? Why are you asking a question when it already has an answer?”)

It’s important to note that Jackie Matubia had parted ways with her second child’s father earlier this year, adding another layer to her personal life challenges.