A- KCSE Student in Kenya Who Worked as Watchman for 5 Years Finally Joins Campus

Nehemiah Koech, who achieved an impressive grade A- in the 2019 KCSE exams, found himself in a daunting situation, compelled to undertake numerous menial jobs to cobble together funds for his education. His arduous journey, spanning five years, saw him grappling with roles like a security guard just to make ends meet. However, a beacon of hope emerged when philanthropist Irene Mureithi extended her hand to him.

Mureithi’s intervention proved pivotal as she facilitated Koech’s admission to Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega, igniting a new chapter in his pursuit of nursing. The philanthropic act was not a mere gesture; it symbolized a lifeline for Koech, offering him a chance to realize his dreams amidst adversity.

The turning point came when Mureithi, through the efforts of philanthropist Ndung’u Nyoro, learned of Koech’s plight, initially highlighted in media outlets in February 2023. Determined to make a difference, Mureithi tirelessly sought out Koech, who was residing in Eldoret, eventually bringing him to their offices in Nairobi.

Assuming the responsibility of supporting Koech’s university education for the next four years, Mureithi’s benevolence breathed new hope into Koech’s aspirations. His enthusiasm to commence his journey as a nursing student at Masinde Muliro University was palpable, marking the dawn of a promising future.

Koech’s ambitions had initially leaned towards becoming a cardiologist, but fate steered him towards St. Paul’s University after receiving a directive to pursue Computer Science. However, his dreams were dashed when donors withdrew their support, leaving him disillusioned and adrift.

His journey to higher education was not without hurdles. Despite being a beneficiary of a scholarship program that facilitated his completion of secondary education at Baringo High School, Koech found himself juggling multiple menial jobs, including working as a watchman and digging septic tanks, to scrape together funds for university.

Compounded by the weight of familial responsibilities, with Koech being the sole provider for his three younger sisters, his journey was fraught with challenges. Despite relentless efforts to seek assistance from various institutions and politicians, Koech’s endeavors bore no fruit until his story garnered attention through media platforms.

Reflecting on his struggles, Koech recalled the myriad of unsuccessful attempts to solicit aid, including reaching out to local representatives. However, amidst the bleakness, Irene Mureithi emerged as a beacon of hope, reshaping Koech’s trajectory with her unwavering support.