I’m tired of being single – Tiktoker Kinuthia admits.

I’m tired of being single – Tiktoker Kinuthia admits.

Kinuthia he is notable online for his ladylike dressing and his humor that has been doing for quite a while.

Tiktoker Kelvin Kuthuthia through his instagram page has left his fans chatting in the wake of claiming he was fed up with being Single.

kinuthia has not posted his relationship on the web or presented his boyfriend or girlfriend on the web, some netizens have been asking about his gender based on his dressing .

The TikTok star has said that he is tired of being single which implies he is searching for a soul mate.


Ealier last month in an interview with Radiojambo Kinuthia discussed various things while revealing that at a young age he was wearing his mom’s clothes.

I very much prefer to be called Kinuthia , that is fine. I say what anyone wants to call me, that is fine. I’m Fine on the off chance that you call me a lady I can’t judge since I even dress like a lady. .

“Ningependa kuitwa Kinuthia tu, hiyo ni sawa. Mi husema kile mtu atataka kuniita,ni sawa. Mimi niko sawa. Ukiniita mwanamke siweze kuhukumu kwa sababu hata navalia kama mwanamke,” said

The tiktok crossdresser , declined to unveil his gender, which has kept on inciting contention among social media users.