Stevo Simple Boy: Nilifariki Nikiwa Mdogo, Mungu Akanifufua.

It appears that Stevo Simple Boy has embraced a new approach to stay in the limelight throughout 2024 by consistently sharing controversial narratives. In his latest revelation, the musician claims to have experienced a profound event from his past, asserting that he once faced death during his youth but was miraculously brought back to life by God.

During an interview with Trudy Kitui, who expressed genuine concern about Stevo Simple Boy’s mental well-being, she conveyed the curiosity and worry among his fans regarding his mental health. Trudy sought to uncover the truth behind the musician’s recent revelations.

In response to the concerns raised by Trudy, Stevo Simple Boy remained composed as he shared details about his early life. Born in Oyugis, Nyanza region, Stevo recounted a shocking incident from his childhood when he fell seriously ill and, according to him, succumbed to death. He revealed that his family had even begun making preparations for his burial, having given up hope.

In a twist of fate and ascribing it to divine intervention, Stevo Simple Boy narrated that, while he was still at the hospital and everyone anticipated the worst, he miraculously awoke. He firmly believes that he experienced a temporary death and was brought back to life by the grace of God.

Acknowledging that such events have an impact on his mental well-being, Stevo assured his fans that physically he is in good health, and mentally he believes he is coping well. He encouraged his supporters not to be overly concerned, emphasizing that he has overcome the challenges posed by his past experiences.