Ssaru Elicits Mixed Reactions as She Says Her Dowry is KSh 1 Billion: “Maybe in Ugandan Currency”

Kenyan songstress Sssaru has recently captured the spotlight by disclosing her dowry valuation, sparking widespread discussion.

Asserting her worth in the billions, Sssaru, during an interview with Plug TV, stated her expectation of a dowry sum totaling KSh 1 billion.

“I’m not looking to tie the knot presently, but in the future. Each passing year, my worth escalates. I’m set on KSh 1 billion,” she confidently expressed.

Sssaru’s declaration prompted a flurry of reactions, with some responding in jest to the staggering amount.

In a similar vein, Justina Syokau has also made headlines by stipulating her own dowry demands.

In an interview with TUKO.co.ke, Justina outlined her preference for a younger suitor and articulated her criteria with clarity.

“I’m not interested in older gentlemen. I’m seeking a youthful, vigorous individual who excels in intimacy. A 25-year-old billionaire is my ideal match, irrespective of his ethnic background or nationality,” she stated emphatically.

She further emphasized her stance, indicating that an elderly gentleman, aged 70 or above, would not meet her satisfaction. Instead, she humorously mentioned that his son would be a more compatible match.

Detailing her approach, Justina disclosed her intention to enlist a team of relationship specialists to conduct thorough assessments of potential suitors, ensuring authenticity and safeguarding against fraudulent intentions.

“I’m adamant about verifying their financial status to differentiate genuine billionaires from impostors. I refuse to entertain deceit,” she emphasized.

Regarding her matrimonial plans, Justina expressed her readiness to swiftly proceed upon encountering her prince charming. Elaborating on her envisioned timeline, she outlined a three-day itinerary culminating in a lavish wedding affair.

“As long as he commits to marriage within three days, I’m prepared. The initial step entails a proposal with a diamond ring valued at over KSh 5,000,000. Subsequently, the second day will witness the traditional dowry payment ceremony in Machakos, totaling KSh 2 billion. Finally, on the third day, we’ll celebrate our union with a splendid wedding ceremony aboard a yacht in Dubai,” she detailed.

Both Sssaru and Justina’s audacious assertions regarding their dowry valuations have ignited public interest and generated lively discourse on modern-day marriage customs.