Mulamwah’s father Happy after meeting firstborn Grandson ‘KALAMWAH’

Media personality Mulamwah and his girlfriend Ruth recently embarked on a journey to their hometown, marking the first visit since the arrival of their son, Kalamwah, three months ago.

The videos shared from their trip vividly portray the anticipation and joy surrounding the introduction of the newborn to Mulamwah and Ruth’s extended family.

In one heartwarming moment captured on video, Mulamwah and Ruth express delight at the striking resemblance between their son and his grandfather, evoking a radiant smile from the elder.

In a touching social media post, Mulamwah expressed his gratitude for the momentous occasion, as Kalamwah, affectionately referred to as “Oyando JNR,” met his grandfather for the first time. Mulamwah’s caption reflects the deep sense of familial connection and joy, signaling the unity and safety of their clan.

While Kalamwah is not Mulamwah’s only child, he holds the distinction of being the first grandchild formally introduced to the family circle. Mulamwah remains optimistic that his firstborn, Keilah, will also have the opportunity to meet her grandparents, despite unresolved issues between Mulamwah and his ex-partner, Carol Sonnie.

The proud father, accompanied by his new Mercedes Benz, received accolades from his family members, who admired his achievement and the luxury car he acquired. This moment not only brought pride to Mulamwah but also to his father, who witnessed the tangible rewards of his investment in his son’s education.

Mulamwah’s journey to success serves as an inspiration to the youth in his village, who now view him as a role model. His progress from humble beginnings to his current stature embodies hope and possibility for those who aspire to follow in his footsteps.