See what MUTAHI NGUNYI wrote after Jubilee Embarrassment in Juja
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MUTAHI NGUNYI warns that it may take 30 years for a Kikuyu to be President again if they support DP RUTO in 2022.

Famous political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has cautioned people from the Kikuyu community against supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s Presidential bid in 2022.

In an interview with K24 on Sunday evening, Mutahi said Ruto is currently dividing the Kikuyu community and in the event that he succeeds it will be a major hit to the Kikuyu’s hope for winning the presidency again

Since Kenya acquired independence in 1963, Kikuyus have ruled the administration for a very long time with the Kalenjin community enjoying the rest of 24 years.

With Ruto competing for the Presidency in 2022, Mutahi said Ruto is a liar and most Kikuyus have fallen for his trap without a second thought.

Ngunyi further cautioned that lack of solidarity among the Kikuyu will kick the out of the next government, it will require near 30 years for central Kenya to deliver another president.

“Kikuyus will be in opposition from 2022 and it will take another 30 years for Kenyans to support another Kikuyu presidency,” Ngunyi said.