Carrol Sonnie Introduces Her New Handsome Boyfriend

Kenyan social media influencer and actress, Carrol Sonnie, has recently introduced her new beau, marking a fresh chapter in her romantic life following a challenging split from comedian and radio presenter, David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, a few years ago.

The proud mother of one delightedly shared a heartwarming video capturing a surprise orchestrated by her partner. The video commenced with an intriguing proposal – Carrol’s partner presented her with a choice between the cutting-edge iPhone 15 Pro Max and the potential joy of welcoming a second child into their lives.

With anticipation mounting, Carrol Sonnie selected a piece of paper that unveiled her selection of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Her boyfriend then sweetly escorted her to a shop where he purchased the desired gift. Throughout the stroll, their intertwined hands and affectionate gestures showcased the depth of connection and thoughtfulness present in their relationship.

In this moment, Carrol Sonnie’s joy radiates, underscoring the happiness found in her newfound love and the promising beginnings of this partnership.