“K!hii”- Moses Kuria Badly Insults Governor Nyoro; Drags Mother To Politics (Video).
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Moses Kuria Mourns The ‘Late’ Jubilee In Kiambaa County Hilarious

Moses Kuria has stated that the late Jubilee will be buried on 15th July. The funeral committee is meeting daily at the Karen home of its secretary general,ahead of the burial. His statement has elicited mixed reactions online from fans,some of them reminding him that he was elected to parliament through Jubilee.

Carol Karendi, “You forget so easily boss,you are in parliament through Jubilee party not PEP or UDA. Just resign from Jubilee and get fresh mandate from your people with PEP ticket, if you are a man enough.” Chuck Delly, “When will you grow up and act your age? Aren’t you ashamed of your childish language? Why not concentrate on your candidate as you believe that you will defeat Jubilee?”

The Kiambaa by-elections will take place on 15th and the UDA party is pretty convinced that their candidate will win over the Jubilee party candidate.