Brian Chira Tried to Sought Grandfather’s forgiveness before His tragic death

The TikTok community and supporters are deeply saddened by the passing of Brian Chira, whose funeral arrangements have become a focal point of discussion across social media platforms.

In a heartfelt live stream on TikTok through Baba Talisha’s account, it was revealed that Chira had made efforts to seek reconciliation with his grandfather prior to his unexpected demise.

Chira, named after his grandfather, reportedly traveled to Kiambu County in an attempt to mend fences but was met with refusal, as shared during the live stream by MC Chris.

Despite earnest pleas from his grandmother to bridge the gap and request forgiveness on Chira’s behalf, the family remained distant from involvement in the funeral arrangements.

Baba Talisha, a close associate of Chira’s, has taken the initiative to rally support for ensuring a respectful farewell for the late TikToker.

It has been announced that Chira will be laid to rest on March 26 in Githunguri, Kiambu County, with a call for assistance from fellow Kenyans during this challenging time.

In a poignant tribute to Chira’s academic accomplishments, Baba Talisha mentioned that the late TikToker would be interred in a graduation gown, fulfilling a special wish from his grandmother.

“Brian was an exceptionally bright student, achieving an A-. This was a poignant request,” expressed Baba Talisha.

The funeral service will be held at his grandmother’s residence in Githunguri, with the option for viewing at the Kenyatta University mortuary, as per the family’s tradition, which does not allow viewing at home.

Tragically, Chira’s life was cut short by a hit-and-run incident on March 16, 2024, along the Ndenderu-Ruaka road in the Gacharage area.

The accident occurred as he was returning home after a night out. Following an altercation at a local establishment, Chira and his friend, Zeleck Momanyi, opted for a motorcycle ride back home.

Chira was struck by a canter after disembarking from the motorcycle and attempting to cross the road.

Initially transferred to City Mortuary, Chira’s remains have since been relocated to the Kenyatta University funeral home.