Zuchu response to whether she'll get pregnant in 2023 -

Zuchu response to whether she’ll get pregnant in 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Zuchu, also known as the Queen of Bongo, has firmly dismissed the notion of pregnancy in 2023.

Recently, the talented artist from WCB took part in a TikTok challenge where predictions were made about the upcoming year. To her astonishment, the game forecasted a possible pregnancy by December this year.

Zuchu, however, expressed her clear disapproval of this prediction, stating, “Hell naaaaaw to noo!” She made it abundantly clear that such a scenario is entirely out of the question for her.

Interestingly, this development occurs at a time when the nature of Zuchu’s relationship with Diamond Platnumz remains uncertain.

For a considerable period, there were speculations about a romantic involvement between the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker and her boss, until earlier this year when they publicly announced their breakup.

In February, Diamond Platnumz definitively stated that he and Zuchu were no longer involved romantically. He emphasized that their bond has transformed into a sibling-like relationship, despite their previous public displays of affection.

Earlier this month, Zuchu appeared visibly angered after Diamond was observed kissing another woman in the second part of the reality series “Young, Famous, and Africa.”

Within a day of the episode airing on Netflix, the artist associated with the WCB label took to Instagram to share several photos of herself. Accompanying these images was a short video featuring a musician delivering a scathing verbal attack, seemingly directed at Diamond.

However, the 29-year-old musician later hinted that she cannot easily sever ties with him, even if he betrays her. She conveyed, “You can’t cheat in front of my eyes and expect my forgiveness, that can’t happen. But if you say you have cheated somewhere else, well, there are two of us at home… hehehe. You’ll stay there, and we’ll meet at home.”

The dynamics of Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz’s relationship continue to remain ambiguous, leaving fans and observers intrigued about their future interactions.