Samuel Abisa: SEE the multi-million luxury cars owned by Sportpesa jackpot winner

His name has remained a headline maker in Kenya since lady luck smiled at him

Samuel Abisai won Sh221 SportPesa Mega Jackpot in May 2017 by correctly predicting the outcome of 17 games — making him the first Kenyan to win such an amount in betting.

Immediately, the 32-year-old Abisai who grew up in poverty in Sichlayi, Lurambi, in Kakamega County set up a fashion house in Netherlands.

That was after he took a low profile — to let the blessing and the millions to sink in.

“Mpaka sasa sijaload kwamba hii doo ni yangu. Itachukua muda (Up to now the reality hasn’t sunk in that this money belongs to me, it will take time),” he had said.

“I will go for my maiden vacation and plan on how to spend the money before I start something big,” the University of Nairobi graduate who studied Chinese language had said.

Since then, Abisai has made wise investments that seem to be making him more profit, by the look of how he is eating life with a big spoon.

Five years later, He has proved to be a financial success story, proof that even gambling fortune, when properly managed, can ensure financial freedom.

While appearing on Churchill Show, Abisai disclosed that it took him a whole year to reflect and plan on how best to invest his fortune.

“I did not give the 10% (tithe) but I went to the church and asked the pastor what he wanted me to do for the place. He told me what he wanted and I sorted the church.

“I also asked the youth as well as Sunday School. I went to every department of the and asked them what they wanted, which they answered,” Abisai stated noting that he also took care of his mother from the money.

He revealed that when it was his father’s turn to benefit, he offered him life lessons that drive him till today.

“I asked my father what I could do for him but he told me not to take money from the windfall to treat him then. He asked me to treat him from the profit I would realise after investing the money.

“If he would have asked me to build something for him immediately, I think I would have wasted the money,” he noted.

Let’s look at some of the sleek cars he currently own:

Prado TX

The SUV costs upwards of KSh 6 million, depending on the year of manufacture and trim.

The base model of the Prado is the TX, followed by the TXL, which has better fuel economy, legroom, and safety features.

The TZG is the highest trim, has more seats than the previous two, and is available with a turbocharged engine.

 Mercedes Benz

Aside from the Prado, Abisai is the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz.

In October, he shared a photo of his son seated on the hood of the white sedan.

The little boy, wearing a grey and yellow outfit with shades, seemed to be in high spirits atop his father’s German luxury car.

The photo, captured in Abisai’s affluent neighbourhood, also showcased some of the mansions in the area.

The estate features well-manicured grass, white picket fences and humongous yellow mansions.

The photo’s background shows four similar-looking mansions with tiled roofs.

 Lexus RX series

The multimillionaire shared before and after images of a Lexus compact SUV undergoing a makeover a month earlier.

The first image depicted the RX series vehicle spray painted in a garage, while the second displayed the finished product.

The glossy black paint looked to have come straight from the factory. Abisai’s Lexus, which goes for over KSh 1.5 million, looked like it had just been driven from the showroom.