Siri Ni Kulima Kila Wakati – Babu Owino Advises Couples -

Siri Ni Kulima Kila Wakati – Babu Owino Advises Couples

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has advised couples to prioritize the ‘twa twa’ or sexual intimacy in their relationships, citing it as the secret to having a stable and lasting union. Babu Owino, who has been married to Fridah Muthoni for 12 years, has revealed that enjoying the fruit of love regularly is essential to avoid temptations outside of marriage.

The lawmaker, who met his wife while he was a student leader at the University of Nairobi, expressed his gratitude towards her for being a good wife. He praised her for her beauty and her love for God, acknowledging her positive impact on his life. Fridah Muthoni, according to Babu, has shaped his character in a significant way, including praying for him to quit taking alcohol, which has been successful.

Babu Owino’s advice to couples emphasizes the importance of sexual intimacy in a marriage. He believes that indulging in ‘twa twa’ regularly helps to prevent infidelity, which can threaten the stability of a relationship. Babu Owino’s personal experience with his wife has shown him the value of a supportive partner in shaping one’s character positively.