You will be surprised to find out who settled the Ksh 230K Valentines bill for LAURA OYIER

Up-coming singer, Laura Oyier, has been on the lips of many people after it emerged that she had been arrested for  failing to pay  a hefty bill of Ksh 230,000  incurred during her stay at Inter-continental hotel on the Valentines Eve.

She has caused a social media buzz and become an   interesting subject of discussion in  various public places.

But Former radio queen Caroline Mutoko has come to Laura’s rescue by  settling her bills at the expensive hotel.

Apparently, Laura had gone for an interview at Radio Africa when Caroline Mutoko summoned her for a small talk.

The talk generated to something useful after she decided to settle her hefty bill. Caroline was also smitten by Laura’s good voice,  eloquence , confidence and  command of the Queen’s language.

She has promised her a job at Radio Africa and very soon, the singing beauty will be hitting the air-waves.

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