Andrew Kibe Names Celebrities who Don’t Qualify to be Parents -

Andrew Kibe Names Celebrities who Don’t Qualify to be Parents

Introduction: Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe has taken it upon himself to address what he perceives as a lack of responsible fatherhood among Kenyan celebrities. In a recent discussion, Kibe highlighted several notable figures in the entertainment industry whom he believes do not live up to their parental responsibilities. Let’s take a closer look at the celebrities on Kibe’s list.

Mulamwah: Comedian Mulamwah and his former partner, Carrol Sonnie, have been embroiled in a publicized dispute since their separation announcement last year. Kibe criticizes Mulamwah for allegedly using his child to gain attention and fame. Kibe questions the comedian’s parenting abilities and suggests that Mulamwah should never have become a father.

Ringtone: Self-proclaimed chairman of gospel musicians, Ringtone, is another individual targeted by Kibe. He is accused of neglecting a child he fathered with a woman ten years ago. In addition, another woman has come forward claiming to be Ringtone’s baby mama, accusing him of leaving her in Kisii with their two children while he enjoys a lavish lifestyle in Nairobi.

Thee Pluto: Youtuber Robert Kamau Ndegwa, popularly known as Thee Pluto, is allegedly involved in a complicated romantic entanglement. Rumors suggest that he is dating Felicity Shiru while being linked to a city female politician named Wangui Ng’ang’a. Kibe questions Thee Pluto’s suitability as a father, particularly in light of rumors that Felicity may be expecting his child.

Eric Omondi: Renowned comedian Eric Omondi has also found himself entangled in a paternity controversy. It is claimed that he fathered a child with former Citizen reporter Jackie Maribe, who accused him of neglecting their son and failing to contribute financially to his upbringing. Kibe strongly criticizes such behavior, labeling individuals like Eric as “useless.”

Oga Obina: According to Kibe, Oga Obina’s primary focus seems to be pursuing women rather than fulfilling his financial obligations as a father. Oga Obina has four children with different mothers, but Kibe argues that his lack of financial support disqualifies him from being considered a responsible parent. Oga Obina, however, claims to be actively involved in his children’s lives and loves them equally.

Frankie Just Gym It: Gym instructor Frankie Just Gym It has been involved with two different women, resulting in him fathering children with both of them. His relationship with Maureen Waititu, with whom he shares two children, ended, and shortly after, he entered a relationship with Corazon Kwamboka, which also ended abruptly after their second child was born. Kibe suggests that Frankie’s unstable relationships indicate a lack of responsibility as a father.

Simon Kabu: Simon Kabu, the CEO of Bonfire Adventures, finds himself on Kibe’s list due to his involvement with two baby mamas. Alongside his estranged wife Sarah, they have two children together. Sarah recently revealed that their marriage was far from what it appeared to be, hinting at deeper issues. Kibe questions Simon Kabu’s commitment to his parental responsibilities.

Kabi wa Jesus: Kabi wa Jesus, who is married to Milly Wa Jesus, is known for having two children within his marriage. However, he also has a daughter outside of his marriage, leading Kibe to criticize him for not providing for his children adequately. Kibe implies that Kabi should not be having more children if he cannot offer them proper support.

Conclusion: Andrew Kibe has sparked a heated debate by calling out Kenyan celebrities who he believes are failing to fulfill their duties as fathers. While some may argue that these accusations are subjective and lack concrete evidence, Kibe’s remarks have prompted discussions about responsible parenthood within the entertainment industry. It remains to be seen whether these celebrities will address these allegations or if this will lead to broader conversations about fatherhood in Kenya.