Zari Finally Weds Her Ben 10 Shakib In A Lavish Ceremony

Social media influencer Zari, known as the Boss Lady, recently tied the knot with her beloved, Shakib Lutaaya, in a luxurious private ceremony held in South Africa. Zari, a 43-year-old Ugandan mother of five, and her 31-year-old boyfriend exchanged their vows in the presence of South African celebrities and members of the cast from the reality TV show “Young, Famous & African.”

Prior to their nuptials, the couple shared a wedding announcement on social media, inviting their friends and loved ones to join in celebrating their union. However, Zari opted to keep the details of the celebration a well-guarded secret. Instead, she chose to make a social media post celebrating her brother’s graduation, expressing her pride with the words, “So proud of you, baby bro.”

Notably, Zari’s children, Tiffah and Nilan, were in attendance at the event, although Zari herself was not present. This marked a significant moment for the family as they celebrated her brother’s academic achievement.

Zari and Shakib’s love story began several years ago in South Africa, and it quickly garnered attention due to their substantial age difference, spanning over a decade. On April 16, the couple exchanged vows in a private Nikah ceremony held in Pretoria, South Africa. They shared glimpses of their Islamic wedding festivities on Snapchat, and many of Zari’s close family members were present to witness and celebrate this joyous occasion.