” Naweza Vaa Boxer Moja Wiki Tatu bila Kufua” Mulamwah Says.

David Oyando, widely known as Mulamwah, a prominent Kenyan content creator, online comedian, and radio presenter at Milele FM, recently shared his unconventional perspective on the duration men should wear their innerwear, such as boxers or undergarments.

During a question and answer session on Ruth K’s channel, Mulamwah was asked about the frequency with which men should change their innerwear. While the query was posed seriously, Mulamwah, known for his humorous approach, responded in his characteristic style, suggesting that men can wear their boxers for as long as three weeks.

He humorously expressed that men shouldn’t be bound by strict rules regarding wearing boxers and even suggested that they could embrace a lifestyle similar to the Maasai community, advocating for a sense of freedom. Mulamwah emphasized that allowing private parts to experience gravity is essential, implying that wearing boxers is not obligatory for men.

Although Mulamwah didn’t specify the exact number of days for changing boxers, Ruth K revealed that there is an ongoing discussion or negotiation regarding the frequency of Mulamwah changing his innerwear. She mentioned buying numerous boxers for him but emphasized the need for him to change them regularly.

Mulamwah, on the other hand, maintained his laid-back stance, asserting that a man is at liberty to wear a single boxer for as long as he desires. While this perspective may seem unhygienic to some, Mulamwah highlighted the reality that many men tend to go several days without changing their innerwear, with some even stretching it to a week.