“Ringtone has money but cannot satisfy me in bed”~Justina Syokau -

“Ringtone has money but cannot satisfy me in bed”~Justina Syokau

In a surprising turn of events, singer Justina Syokau, who recently received a financial lifeline from online well-wishers, has voiced her reservations about the suitability of fellow artist Apoko ‘Ringtone’ as a life partner. Despite Ringtone’s financial stability, Justina has expressed concerns about his physical appearance and talkative nature.

During a recent interview on a local TV station, Justina raised eyebrows when she mentioned that she questioned Ringtone’s abilities beyond his financial means, alluding to his physique. While acknowledging his attractiveness, she confessed her dislike for his loquaciousness.

These remarks have sparked a discussion about the biblical Proverbs 31 woman, who is renowned for her hard work in caring for her household without relying on alms from her husband. Some wonder which version of the Bible Justina subscribes to, considering her apparent focus on financial stability.

Interestingly, Justina had previously expressed her openness to marrying Ringtone, citing his minimal involvement in scandals involving women. She had even declared that she could be patient with him regarding intimate matters if he had money. These contrasting statements have left fans puzzled about her true intentions.

The conversation also shifted to Justina’s unique dance style, which she adamantly defended against comparisons to twerking. The energetic moves showcased in her performances, she claims, are a result of her natural talent. Justina emphasized that even routine dance steps might be misinterpreted by others.

The ‘Twendi Twendi’ hitmaker further asserted that her body and hips belong to Jesus Christ, firmly stating that even if she desired to twerk, her faith would not permit it.

Justina Syokau’s recent comments and revelations about Ringtone have ignited a mix of curiosity and confusion among fans and followers. As the public eagerly awaits further developments, the debate over what truly matters in a relationship continues, raising questions about the role of money and physical appearances in the search for a life partner.

Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing story as it unfolds.