Noti Flow and King Alami are Finally back Together

Kenyan celebrity couple, Noti Flow and King Alami, have recently rekindled their relationship, much to the envy of their fans who have been witnessing their affectionate displays on social media.

Noti Flow took to her TikTok account to go live, and during the session, the couple was captured indulging in sweet gestures. They were seen sharing smiles, exchanging pecks, and holding hands affectionately. Noti Flow further expressed her admiration for her girlfriend Alami by posting a picture of her on her Instagram stories with the caption, “when she has abs and you don’t.”

The couple’s relationship has been characterized by numerous breakups and reunions, to the extent that their fans may have lost count of the number of times they have separated. Noti Flow had previously mentioned that King Alami is skilled at concealing her other relationships. This revelation came after Noti Flow gifted Alami a car worth Ksh 1.5 million.

However, it seems that the turbulent on-and-off periods have now come to an end, and the couple is currently enjoying a stable and loving relationship. We extend our best wishes to them for their future together.