Diana not Happy with Bahati calling female friends ‘sweetheart’

Bahati and Diana Marua have released a new video where they discuss various aspects of their lives. In this video, the power couple engages in a conversation about Diana’s argumentative nature and her habit of complaining. Bahati expresses his opinion that it is not right for Diana to always have a comeback whenever he tries to correct her behavior.

According to Bahati, the first rule in marriage is to make peace before the end of the day if you love your partner, regardless of any arguments that may have occurred. However, he is unable to finish his statement as Diana interrupts him.

Diana responds by saying, “Okay, so what should I do? If he doesn’t want to listen to me, I just turn and sleep. He keeps talking and talking, and that’s why I said I’ve finished talking. My point is ABCD. Instead of him coming and saying it’s okay, babe, I understand you…”

Before she can complete her argument, Bahati distracts her by putting his feet on her lap.

“This is why I get angry,” Diana tells Bahati. “You do this because you know I have a valid point. You want to silence me. This is exactly what you do. If we have a disagreement, baby, kiss me. Noooo, listen to me!” she blasts him further.

Diana raises her voice even more, saying, “Imagine you’re up here at 100, and then he tells you, ‘baby, kiss me.’ Nooo. It’s always about your point. You never come and say, ‘this is what I’m trying to say so that we can be on the same page,'” Diana shouts in frustration.

While facing the camera, Bahati admits that they even argue about their staff.

“We argue because of our employees. Imagine, I love you and I want you to notice, but we argue because of these people. Baby, I want you to notice that it’s because of these people,” he explains.

Diana interrupts again, claiming that she has apologized multiple times, including one instance where she knelt down to apologize. She adds that she did so because Bahati is stubborn.

“Do you remember the day I knelt down to apologize? I told you, babe, I’m sorry,” she recalls.

However, Bahati doesn’t remember this incident, stating, “I don’t hold onto bad memories. Maybe we can discuss the worst day of our lives in another video, but for now, we’re doing this video,” dismissing Diana’s argument.

Diana then accuses him of addressing her like a random woman instead of his wife. She expresses her unhappiness about him calling other females “sweetheart” and “my dear.”

Bahati defends himself, saying, “If you hear me call someone sweetheart or my dear, they are my business partners. I call them sweetheart.”

Diana insists that “sweetheart” has romantic connotations, especially when he uses it to say, “Let’s have tea together.”

“When you say ‘sweetheart, let’s have tea,’ it implies a date. Don’t underestimate me; you know what I’m talking about,” Diana asserts.

Bahati reciprocates by stating that he is not happy when Diana addresses her friends as “babe.” He expresses his jealousy and clarifies that he wants them to be clear on the matter. He does not want Diana to call her friends “babe” but rather use terms like “how are you,” “Phoina, are you okay?,” or “Akothee, are you fine?”

Despite their differing views, they laugh off their disagreements without reaching a consensus.