RAILA ODINGA’s diehard supporter GAUCHO arrested in Nairobi again – Why does RUTO fear this harmless man?

Azimio Youth Leader Calvin Okoth, popularly known as Gaucho, was apprehended by Nairobi detectives on Monday, although the exact reason for his arrest remains unknown. The police had been searching for Gaucho since Saturday, leading to a mobilization of teams tasked with locating him. Gaucho attempted to evade capture by switching off his mobile phones and going into hiding.

On the day of his arrest, Gaucho had arrived outside City Hall and was engaged in a casual conversation with his supporters when three undercover police officers approached him. They requested his cooperation and guided him towards a waiting blue Subaru, which promptly sped away. Gaucho appeared taken aback by the sudden turn of events but complied with the officers’ instructions.

This marks the second time within a week that Gaucho, a devoted follower of Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party, has been taken into custody. Previously, he had been arrested on May 23, 2023, and subsequently detained overnight at Muthangari police station. However, he was eventually released without any charges being filed against him.

The circumstances surrounding Gaucho’s repeated arrests raise questions about the motives behind his apprehension. As an influential youth leader within the Azimio movement, Gaucho’s detention has sparked speculation and concern among his supporters. The lack of transparency regarding the reasons for his arrest only adds to the intrigue and uncertainty surrounding the situation.

Many will be closely following the developments in Gaucho’s case, eagerly awaiting further information to shed light on the events leading up to his arrest. As Gaucho remains in custody, it remains to be seen whether he will face charges or be released once again. In the meantime, his loyal supporters continue to rally behind him, expressing their solidarity and hoping for a swift resolution to the ongoing uncertainty.