Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua promises to support Mombasa mandazi seller & Educate her 2 sons

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua recently extended a helping hand to a Mandazi vendor in Mombasa whose diligence and resilience deeply impressed him.

During one of his early morning strolls along Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa City, Gachagua encountered a woman deeply immersed in the art of baking Mandazis. He took to his social media platform, sharing snapshots of the bustling scene and expressing admiration for the woman’s dedication in serving her customers, predominantly fellow hustlers on their way to work.

Identified as Asha Sidi Chengo, the woman’s steadfast commitment to providing for her family and securing her children’s future captured Gachagua’s attention. Eager to learn more about her endeavors, Gachagua extended an invitation to Asha to visit his residence in Mombasa for a discussion.

During their conversation, Gachagua was struck by Asha’s unwavering resolve to lead a dignified life and ensure her children receive a quality education. Touched by her aspirations, Gachagua pledged support towards enhancing her sons’ education, recognizing it as a crucial step towards securing their future.

Additionally, Gachagua pledged to assist Asha in expanding her business, viewing it as a practical way to bolster her entrepreneurial spirit and further support her in her endeavors.