“The only thing i Hate about my boyfriend is that he wakes me up at 3am for ‘twatwa’ .Pritty Vishy says

In the words of Pritty Vishy, her relationship with her boyfriend is mostly great, except for one specific issue that bothers her. She finds it challenging to handle her boyfriend’s early morning advances at 3 am. For Pritty, this timing is just too early for intimacy, and it disrupts her sleep patterns.

To address this concern, she is actively communicating with her boyfriend, aiming to find a compromise by shifting the intimate moments to a more suitable time, preferably around 4:15 am.

Pritty’s situation reflects the importance of open and honest communication in a relationship. While she enjoys her time with her boyfriend, she is assertive about setting boundaries to ensure her well-being.

It is essential for both partners to have a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s needs and preferences. By discussing and adjusting the timing of their intimate moments, Pritty and her boyfriend can work towards a more harmonious and satisfying relationship.