Dem Wa Facebook; “Wanaume wa kenya Ni walevi na Vichwa Ngumu”

Renowned social media influencer and Kenyan comedian, Dem Wa Facebook, recently conveyed her frustration and disillusionment when attempting to offer advice to Kenyans grappling with alcohol addiction. The influencer, known for her controversial and viral remarks, candidly shared her thoughts during an interview, addressing what she perceives as the stubbornness of Kenyan drinkers.

She expressed a sense of fear and likened advising them to offering guidance to robbery suspects, emphasizing that they seem impervious to advice. Consequently, she declared her decision to cease offering advice to them, particularly in the fast-paced year of 2024.

While acknowledging that alcohol consumption itself is not entirely negative, Dem Wa Facebook humorously contrasted the drinking habits of the rich and the poor. According to her, the wealthy exercise caution when drinking, unlike the less affluent who consume alcohol with fervor, potentially leading to their downfall. She also drew attention to the ubiquitous “don’t drink and drive” warning, suggesting that alcohol may be perceived as a pursuit of the affluent.

The Luhya beauty has now resigned to leaving the fate of the drinkers in the hands of destiny, which will ultimately determine their outcome.

“Wacha wapotee. Saa hii mtu akitaka kupotea unamsaidia juu kuadvice mtu wa Kenya ni ngumu kama kuadvice suspect wa robbery. Matajiri wanalewa na akili…Sisemi pombe ni mbaya lakini umewahi skia wakisema don’t drink and walk, wanasemanga don’t drink and drive inamaanisha pombe ni ya matajiri,” asserted Dem Wa Facebook.