Government Announces Denial of State Services to Kenyans Without NHIF Cover

The kenyan government has introduced harsh measures to make sure that all Kenyans acquire the NHIF cover to guarantee smooth facilitation of the recently introduced Universal Healthcare Coverage national scale up.

As per the National Health Insurance Fund (Contribution) Regulations, 2022 published by the Ministry of Health in close consultation with the NHIF board, kenyans without NHIF cover won’t be entitled to receive any state services and a fine slap worth Ksh 20000 will take course.

“All kenyans aged 18 and above shall be a registered contributor or beneficiary of NHIF always when seeking any government service,” one of the regulations state.

The laid out mandatory NHIF registration will see a horde number of kenyans enroll to the NHIF plot. This will see an exceptional increase in membership. Reception of state administration service after providing the NHIF card necessity will also stimulate kenyans to acquire NHIF cover.