“We Should Support People When Still Alive”Eric Omondi reacts after Brian Chira’s fundraiser hits Sh5M in hours

In a remarkable demonstration of unity, the online community has rallied behind the family of the late TikTok personality Brian Chira, swiftly raising an impressive Ksh5 million within just 48 hours of initiating a fundraiser to cover his funeral costs.

Initiated by fellow TikTok creator Baba Talisha, the fundraiser garnered an overwhelming response from numerous users who generously contributed to give the departed content creator a dignified farewell.

Baba Talisha expressed gratitude for the immense support, sharing a screenshot of the achievement with the caption, “5M innit…”

The impetus for this initiative stemmed from an appeal by Chira’s family, who reached out to the public for assistance in laying their cherished relative to rest.

In their appeal, the family urged unity, stating, “Let’s come together, if you guys can focus, if you love Chira, Brian Chira is no longer with us. Even if he was your rival, Chira was a good person. Do whatever you can to support the family and make this happen. I know many of us are hurting like I am, but all will be well; we have to trust in God.”

Following the widespread circulation of the screenshot on social media, Eric Omondi responded, emphasizing the importance of extending assistance to individuals while they are still alive. He urged Kenyans to also offer support to Miracle Baby, who is currently in need.

“We must start supporting people while they are still alive!!! @petermiraclebaby is alive!!!” he urged.

Regarding Brian Chira’s funeral arrangements, Baba Talisha shared updates, stating that preparations are underway for his final resting place in Githunguri, Kiambu County, scheduled for March 26, 2024.

In a touching tribute to Chira’s academic achievements, Baba Talisha revealed that the late TikTok personality will be laid to rest in a graduation gown, fulfilling a request made by his grandmother.

The funeral proceedings, to be held in Githunguri where Chira’s grandmother resides, extend an open invitation to all Kenyans who wish to pay their respects and bid farewell. Additionally, arrangements have been made for viewing Chira’s body at the Kenyatta Funeral Home, with Baba Talisha advising interested individuals to make necessary arrangements as there will be no further opportunities for viewing once the body leaves the mortuary.

In conjunction with community efforts, several celebrities including musician Otile Brown and KRG the Don have stepped forward to support Chira’s family by covering his funeral expenses, further contributing to ensuring that Chira receives a fitting farewell.