Very Old Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Defiling His Two Daughters.

A 71-year-old man from Kisumu has been jailed for life after his teenage daughter and Impregnating the minor.

Making the judgement, Tamu principal Magistrate, EverleneEnzwre said that the offence by the old man deserved the maximum sentencing.

The man is said to have separated with his first wife and later remarried.

He is then accused of defiling the minor between June and September, 2020 in Kisumu County.

The man was also accused of defiling his 17-Year-Old first born daughter and impregnated her but the court dismissed the case on basis of no solid evidence.

“Section 20 (1) of the Sexual Offenses Act under which the accused has been charged prescribes the sentence of incest where the minor is below 18 years old to be life imprisonment. I proceed and sentence the accused to life in prison,” she declared.

“The accused is found guilty of the offense of incest contrary to Section 20 (1) of the Sexual Offenses Act and is convicted,” said Enzere.