“My Last Born Is Richer Than Harmonize.” KRG The Don claims

During a recent live interview with The Self-proclaimed Don, KRG The Don made a striking statement about the wealth of his youngest child in comparison to Tanzanian musician Harmonize. The ongoing feud between KRG and Harmonize has garnered significant attention in the Kenyan media, following previous disputes involving Harmonize and Jaguar.

KRG The Don, renowned for his success as a businessman and dancehall performer, has consistently made headlines for his accomplishments. While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, he is widely recognized as one of the most affluent artists in the country.

KRG’s opulent lifestyle is often on display, with his choice of fine clothing and a fleet of luxurious vehicles that includes multiple Range Rovers, Mercedes Benzs, and other high-end cars. Notably, KRG was recently captured on film traveling in a helicopter during a visit to the Masai Mara National Park. Moreover, he reportedly co-owns the immensely popular Casavera club, which boasts a valuation in the billions, alongside other directors.

Interestingly, KRG, who is separated from his wife, takes care of their sons without their mother. In a previous statement, he revealed that his sons collectively spend around fifty thousand Kenyan shillings daily on entertainment.

The feud between Harmonize and KRG The Don escalated when KRG compared the wealth of his youngest child to that of Harmonize during their online dispute. KRG proudly asserted that his child, who is still attending school, possesses more wealth than the CEO of Konde Music Worldwide.

While Harmonize has yet to respond to these remarks, it is worth considering the possibility that KRG’s claim is rooted in the concept of generational wealth transfer within his family.

On the other hand, it is crucial to acknowledge Harmonize’s own financial status. As the owner of “Konde Music Worldwide,” one of Tanzania’s largest music labels, he holds significant assets and has signed multiple artists under his label.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between KRG The Don and Harmonize has captured the attention of the media, particularly following KRG’s claim about the superior wealth of his youngest child compared to Harmonize. Both artists possess considerable wealth and achievements, with KRG’s success stemming from his diverse business ventures and Harmonize’s prominence in the music industry as the head of his record label.