Kiengei Abandoned Papasi Mufenje, Sources Allege.

Kameme FM Presenter cum comedian, Muthee Kiengei has been in the fore front in nurturing young and aspiring comedians.

He brought into play, popular and talented comedy, Papasi Mufenje and the two were considered Kikuyu version of Churchill and M.C Jessie.

The duo kept their fans glued to their screens each and every Sunday with their witty acts worth a berry laugh.

However, according to sources, the two are not seeing eye to eye.The source speaking exclusively to and sort anonymity revealed that Kiengei was jealous of Papasi’s success since his (Kiengei’s) social time-limes were filled with praise of Mufenje.

The source also went on to add that the two had a dramatic fall out and their show was replaced by Kiengei talent search across the Mt. Kenya region.

Notably, Mufenji had earlier last month hinted that Kiengei had done him wrong adding that friends should always have each other’s back.

Mufenje hours later deleted the post and shadowed it with one of his comedy skits.Key to note, Mufenje yesterday, 20 july, revealed that his wife is sick and asked for prayers in a heartbreaking post.

As it would have been a norm, Kiengei could have aso shared the post wishing his friends wife a quick recovery or saying a prayer since he is a pastor.

One can argue that Kiengei was at the funeral of Ngoni Wa Thuita’s brother, Chrispin Maina but the comedian has been updating his Facebook since then.

Whether their fall-out will be made public, only time will tell.