Meet the Billionaire Who Pays KPLC Sh900 Million Monthly For Electricity Bill

Narendra Raval, the founder and chairman of the Devki Group of Companies, revealed that his monthly electricity bill is an astounding Sh900 million.

The steel and cement industries have received funding from the billionaire businessman.

According to Raval, who spoke on the JKL show on Wednesday, his company spends Sh2 billion every month on all costs, including employee payments.

“When it is low season we pay Sh700 million to Kenya Power otherwise we pay Sh800 million to Sh900 million every month,” said Raval.


“Our overheads, salaries, and power only come to Sh2 billion every month. So we have to look for Sh100 million every day apart from Sunday. I must be the largest billpayer…they should give me the award but I never got it.”

Devki Group of Companies Founder Narendra Raval
Devki Group of Companies Founder Narendra Raval

The high cost of living, however, which has impacted every business in the nation as well as Kenyans themselves, is reflected in the current bill.

He admitted that he used to pay Kenya Power Sh400 million every year for electricity.

But the bill shot up as a result of the economy’s changes.

Raval revealed that he has never engaged in business with the government when he declared that 50% of his company’s revenue goes to charity.

“I don’t supply to the government, not today but it is part of our policy. I have never dealt with the government since I was born. I’m very honest with you. Mimi ni pastor, my name is Guru,” Raval stated.