Man finds instant love in rich Nairobi lady: “I think she’s too hot and class for me”

So, how did it start? We met two months ago at a classy restaurant in Kilimani. I called her to sit by my side and the next thing we were bonking on my sofa at home. 

At first, at the bar, she appeared to resist, but she later came. We ordered good food and drinks, enjoyed good music and partied away the night away.

At around 3am, it was time to go home. We had talked a lot; it was like we had met 30 years ago, and we had shared good stories about our lives. It was time to go home. Let me tell you, Maina…just out of nowhere, she offered to go home with me.

Since I was a bit tipsy, she decided to drive. Bwana, the lady has a nice whip, a classy GLS Benz. I own a Fielder, ile ya mataa kwa boot, but bora ni gari. 

So, she drove us home, and one thing led to another; we had non-stop bedminton till morning, hoping that she would go her way, but she pleaded with me to spend another night again. I accepted, and we had another marathon till daybreak.

I woke up to prepare for Sunday church service. Whuee, nilipata hata pasi amepiga, all my clothes and shoes were in place, though she did not join me for church that day.

Thinking that she would leave during that day, I hinted she could just drop the key under the foot mat for me, but to my greatest surprise, I came back and found her there wearing my buggy shorts and t-shirt.

She had cleaned up the entire house, washed my dirty clothes and prepared food.

I felt that my house was not to her standard, but she looked super comfortable.

When I asked her why she didn’t go, she said to me:

“I don’t want to go; you’ve been so nice to me; you’ll be a good husband.” And just like that, I think I have found myself a wife.

I’m just confused because she looks above my class, too hot for me. I have been single for a long, but now this instant sweet love seems too hot to handle.

Please, what should I do?

It has been two months, and it is like we are getting married; I love her so much, but I feel this was too instant.

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