Vera Sidika finally reveals why she left her husband Brown Mauzo

Entrepreneur and reality TV star Vera Sidika recently suggested that infidelity might have caused the breakup with her partner, Brown Mauzo. Speculation about their split began circulating a few weeks ago when Mauzo not only unfollowed the mother of his child but also deleted all pictures of Vera from his Instagram account.

His Instagram page features only 11 posts that focus on him and his daughters, and he is currently only following his daughters’ pages, despite having over 397K followers.

Vera shared a cryptic video on her Instagram stories that outlines several reasons why a woman might choose to end a relationship with her partner. The video features a man who points out that continuous disrespect could push even the most loyal woman to a breaking point, and eventually, she will leave, no matter how much she adores and loves her partner.

He goes on to say that women are more interested in fixing things than giving up, and at first, she will try to do so, hoping that her partner will change. However, if he fails to step up, she will eventually leave.

The cryptic post has left many confused as they speculate about the cause of the split. Vera has also unfollowed her partner and deleted some of their shared photos, leading some to believe that Mauzo might have been unfaithful. Vera has also removed the title “wife” from her social media bio, leaving behind only her reality TV star title.