“Nangoja Huyu Mzee Akufe Nidate Kijana Mdogo Kama Bahati” Manzi wa Kibera reveals

Renowned and polarizing Kenyan socialite and celebrity, Manzi wa Kibera, also known as Wambo, recently took the opportunity to disclose her future aspirations publicly. During an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, she expressed how Diana Marua and her husband Kevin Bahati serve as her constant sources of inspiration.

In the interview, the socialite, who is currently involved with a 66-year-old man, revealed her plan to wait for her elderly companion to either depart or pass away, after which she intends to seek a younger man akin to Bahati to start a romantic relationship with.

“I am currently engaged with this older gentleman. Once he is out of the picture, I will search for a youthful individual like Bahati,” Manzi wa Kibera shared.

Furthermore, the socialite expressed her admiration for Diana Marua, emphasizing her intention to emulate Marua’s lifestyle in the near future. She affirmed her dedication to following in the footsteps of both Diana Marua and Bahati until she achieves similar success in life.

When addressing how she funds her extravagant lifestyle, Manzi wa Kibera stated that her fame, alluring physique, and well-endowed posterior are her avenues to financial prosperity. She believes that possessing a voluptuous figure facilitates the acquisition of wealth. Although she is still on her journey to success, she remains optimistic that one day she will live a life of luxury, akin to that of Bahati and Diana Marua.