Shakilla Addresses Viral Video of Her in Bed with Singer Lava Lava -

Shakilla Addresses Viral Video of Her in Bed with Singer Lava Lava

Kenyan socialite Shakilla Tiffany has recently responded to a circulating video on social media that shows her in bed with Tanzanian singer Lava Lava. Taking to Instagram, Shakilla clarified that the video was actually recorded two years ago and she is not responsible for its dissemination on social media.

Shakilla claimed that during the video recording, there was another individual present who secretly shared the video without her knowledge or consent. Furthermore, she stated that she hasn’t had any interaction with this person for over a year.

In her own words, Shakilla addressed the situation, “There’s a video circulating online with me and the named person in the video. I would like to let it be known I am surprised to see the video as this was taken over 2 years ago with the third party’s phone whom I have not spoken to or seen in over a year. I am not going back and forth or answering any questions about this video. I am not responsible for posting or having any engagements with the third party involved.”

The video displays Lava Lava sound asleep while Shakilla is awake beside him. In response to this incident, various social media users have shared their opinions. Some comments include:

“One thing about her is that she will embarrass you.”

“Don’t let the girl wake up in front of you 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

“What happened between her and Ruger? 😂😂 She started recording, then got kicked out 😂😂😭.”

“She doesn’t even care if she’s sleeping next to a celebrity terrorist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

As for Lava Lava, he has yet to issue a public statement regarding this matter. It remains to be seen whether he will address the issue or choose to maintain silence.