Meet the lady who is proud to have a beard -

Meet the lady who is proud to have a beard

Harnaam Kaur, 24, of Berkshire experiences polycystic ovary disorder and initially began growing a thick facial hair at the period of only 11.
She attempted to wax, dye and shave the hair which had likewise begun delivering the goods on her midsection and arms however at long last chose to stop in the wake of being submersed as a Sikh, a religion which denies the trimming of body hair.

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Talking amid an appearance on This Morning, Harnaam said: “Toward the end of the day, I cherish myself and the way that I’m structured. “Experiencing essential and auxiliary school with the facial hair, children can be frightful. It drove me to self damage and needing to take my own life.”

“It take a ton of quality to say, ‘I need to kill myself’,” Harnaam said. “A part second is all it took. That perspective truly engaged me to simply continue with life. I’m more spiritual now than I am religious, I carry on with my life the way I see fit. I remain for what I am. To be named as a woman you can look anyway you need.”

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Harnaam is presently chipping away at a campaign to demonstrate that name-calling has a major contact with anti-bullying charity Fixers and shows up in a short film with her brother.

**Harnaam with her loving brother**

Her brother plays the bully in the promo, which Harnaam concedes was hard for him in light of the fact that he’s been her “rock” when times have been greatly intense for her.
She said: “I totally love him, he’s been my fundamental support, he’s actually my backbone.


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