Peter Wafula Wins Ksh. 5.4 Million Jackpot, Spends 5 Million on alcohol Buys Posho Mill with the balance

Peter Wafula’s recent stroke of luck with a Ksh. 5.4 million bet win initially seemed like a windfall. However, his fortunes quickly turned sour when he disclosed that he had squandered a staggering Ksh. 8 million on alcohol.

Despite this setback, Peter managed to salvage a portion of his winnings amidst the haze of reckless spending. Wisely, he decided to invest the remaining balance in a Posho mill, marking a significant shift towards more responsible financial management.

His journey serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of financial literacy and restraint. While gambling may offer the allure of instant wealth, it is imperative to handle newfound riches with prudence and foresight.