“Ladies, Muachane na Wababa”- Muthoni Wa Mukiri Advices Women

Addressing the matter on social media, the former Inooro TV News Anchor expressed her strong aversion to individuals involved with married partners, emphasizing that it is a major turn-off for her. She asserted that dating a married man is an unwise choice, as they are unlikely to leave their spouse for the new relationship, and the likelihood of infidelity is high due to compromised standards.

In her statement, she highlighted the importance of personal choice in relationships, noting that one has the power to attract various individuals but must make mindful decisions about who remains in their life. She attributed the act of dating married men to desperation or materialistic motives, discouraging such pursuits.

Drawing attention to the irrationality of being romantically involved with a married individual, she labeled it as “crazy” and likened those who engage in such relationships to scavengers waiting to disrupt someone else’s life. Furthermore, she refuted the notion that one’s value is determined by factors like having children or prior marriages, urging people to cease dating married individuals.

Muthoni candidly shared her past experience of desperately seeking love, which ultimately led her into a toxic relationship.