“I can’t fight for a woman” – DJ Bonez tells wife Kamene Goro

The entertainer, in a recent appearance on Kamene and Obinna’s podcast, expressed his stance on risking his life or engaging in physical confrontations for the sake of his wife, firmly believing that such actions are not worth it.

DJ Bonez emphasized that he holds a high level of self-respect and believes that a woman should have the freedom to choose the man she truly loves as her partner.

In a controversial twist, Krg The Don, the well-known media personality, decided to shed light on DJ Bonez’s views during an interview with his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

During the interview, Krg The Don confronted DJ Bonez about his willingness to fight for his wife’s honor, questioning whether he genuinely loves her.

Amidst this conversation, the ex-boyfriend inquired about Bonez’s reaction if another man were to inappropriately touch her.

To this, DJ Bonez asserted that while he may not resort to fighting, he would still prioritize her safety and well-being by protecting her.

To elaborate his point further, the DJ made an analogy using legendary boxer Mike Tyson, implying that fighting is a pursuit meant for individuals like Tyson, while he prefers a more non-violent approach in dealing with conflicts.