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Kinuthia Breaks Silence Following Rumours Of Dating With Oga Obinna 

In recent weeks, rumours have been swirling around Tiktok star Kinuthia Breaks and his alleged relationship with fellow influencer Oga Obinna. The rumours started after the two were spotted spending a lot of time together and posting pictures on social media that seemed to suggest they were more than just friends. However, Kinuthia has now broken his silence and denied that he is dating Oga Obinna.

In a recent interview, Kinuthia stated that he and Oga Obinna are just good friends and that they have a close bond because they have known each other for a long time. He explained that they met through the Tiktok community and have grown to become close friends because they share similar interests and values.

Kinuthia went on to say that he understands why people might have jumped to the conclusion that he and Oga Obinna were dating, but he wants to set the record straight and make it clear that they are just friends. He said that he respects Oga Obinna and values their friendship, but he has no romantic feelings towards her.

Despite Kinuthia’s denial of a romantic relationship, some fans are still convinced that there is more to the story and that he and Oga Obinna are secretly dating. However, Kinuthia has reiterated that he is single and is not currently looking for a romantic partner.

Overall, it seems that the rumours of Kinuthia dating Oga Obinna were just that – rumours. While the two are close friends, they are not romantically involved. Kinuthia has made it clear that he values his friendship with Oga Obinna and is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her.