Roads and Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen To Kenyans: Please Listen To Our Directives, The Floods Are Not A Joke

To mitigate further casualties stemming from the ongoing floods, Kenyan citizens have been urged to adhere strictly to safety directives issued by both national and county authorities. This call to action came from Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Roads and Transport, Kipchumba Murkomen, during his visit to Mai Mahiu in the Naivasha Constituency. Murkomen confirmed the grim toll of 45 lives lost due to flash floods on a Monday morning.

In a solemn plea, Murkomen emphasized the critical importance of obeying government instructions, underscoring that the nation cannot endure any more loss of life due to disobedience. He stressed the gravity of the situation, stating, “This is not a matter for casual discourse on social media; these are human lives.” Murkomen urged citizens to relocate when instructed and to refrain from crossing hazardous areas such as flooded roads and rivers, reiterating that such precautions are essential to mitigate the crisis.

Murkomen further assured the public that the federal government, in coordination with various multi-agency teams, stands ready to collaborate with county administrations to bolster search and rescue operations in affected regions across the nation. He also announced imminent deliveries of food and water supplies to alleviate the plight of those impacted by the floods.

As infrastructure continues to suffer damage and water bodies overflow their banks, the toll of flood-related fatalities continues to climb. At the time of reporting, official figures regarding the death toll had not yet been released by the authorities.