President Uhuru's Cousin Warns Him Against Betraying GEMA Community's 1969 Oath by Supporting Raila

President Uhuru’s Cousin Warns Him Against Betraying GEMA Community’s 1969 Oath by Supporting Raila

Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja Alliance is yet to get off from tribulations falling on the alliance.

Only days after news arose of the reason behind the cancellation of the super alliance launch, President Uhuru Kenyatta Cousin Mr. Kung’u Muigai cautioned him against double-crossing the GEMA people group.

Kungu revealed that President Kenyatta’s move to support Raila Odinga’s presidency didn’t come from the Kenyatta family but was an individual choice.

As per Kungu, the vast GEMA Community entered into a supposed oath that was endorsed in 1969 that pledged to hinder Raila’s lineage from leading the country as a president.

In the Oath that was intended to impede Raila’s dad, the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga further came about that the GEMA people couldn’t uphold any person related with Odinga’s family and that Uhuru was conflicting with the oath.

He said that the individuals who wish to support Raila from the GEMA community are first to go through cleansing failure to that the whole Mt.Kenya will be cursed.

In 2020, Kungu and DP Ruto met at his Karen home inciting blended responses considering by then Ruto and President Kenyatta rift had begun depicting in the public.