"Nakaa nguruwe!" Kevin Kinuthia Reveals Why He Gave Up On Weight Loss -

“Nakaa nguruwe!” Kevin Kinuthia Reveals Why He Gave Up On Weight Loss

Kenyan content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has openly discussed his experience with weight loss and the limited success he achieved after undergoing a gastric balloon weight loss procedure.

In November of last year, Kinuthia underwent the gastric balloon weight loss procedure, hoping for significant results. Initially, he found some success with the procedure as it started to show promising effects during the first few months. However, as time passed, he admitted to struggling with maintaining the required diet recommendations and workout routines.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Kinuthia confessed, “I lacked the discipline to adhere to strict diet restrictions. Besides, going to the gym for regular workouts became a challenge since I wasn’t following the prescribed diet properly. It became exhausting, and I eventually lost motivation.”

Despite his efforts, Kinuthia never felt particularly unhappy with his weight before attempting the procedure. He decided to explore this weight loss method out of curiosity, hoping for a change. Unfortunately, he realized that it wasn’t the right fit for him.

The gastric balloon procedure had an initial impact, and in just five days after the insertion, Kinuthia had already lost 5 kilograms, going from 138 kilograms to 133 kilograms. The procedure involves swallowing a balloon filled with saline solution, which occupies a portion of the stomach and helps reduce food intake.

The cost of the procedure was significant, amounting to Ksh 450,000. However, despite the investment, Kinuthia eventually discontinued following the required instructions, leading to suboptimal results.

In conclusion, Kelvin Kinuthia’s experience with the gastric balloon weight loss procedure sheds light on the challenges individuals may face when trying different weight loss methods. While some may find success with such procedures, others may discover that they do not align with their lifestyle and preferences. It is essential for individuals to explore various options mindfully and choose the approach that suits them best, promoting sustainable and healthy weight loss practices.